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Gatewood Cape is 13Do the role,A perfect item for UL hike and bike packing. It is a very epoch-making and novel interesting item.

As a tent.

A floorless shelter can be used with trekking poles and wood to achieve a ceiling height of up to 125 cm. It is also possible to use carbon poles sold separately. Also, when the wind is strong, you can put the loop on the ground and stretch it, so you can survive the wind. And the pyramid shape unique to the one-pole tent is strong against the wind and sheds rain well.

As rain gear.

The lining needs to be seamed, but it can also be used as a rain jacket. It depends on your height, but it will be about knee length. In addition, the two zippers on the front allow you to adjust the temperature while surpassing the rain and wind. In addition, the skirt-like design with an open hem allows fresh air to come in from below, allowing moisture to escape.

As a backpack cover.

Also, if you wear the backpack together with the backpack, you can use it as a backpack cover!

Despite having such a function, it is as light as 285g. UL hike and bike packing can be further reduced in weight, and it is an item that you can use with confidence in any weather. If you crush it tightly, it will be even smaller.

Capacity: 1 person

Season: 3 seasons

Weight: 285g

Area: W267cm x L168cm x H114cm  

Packing size: 10 cm x 8 cm x 1.5 cm

Color: gray

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