SIX MOON DESIGN Deschutes Plus

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Deschutes PlusSuccessor model of WILD OASIS.
Indoor heightIt rises from 115 cm to 122 cm, so you can spend your time comfortably.

A mesh that surrounds all four sides is attached, and it prevents the invasion of insects while ventilating. Also thisSince the mesh is as large as 18 inches, it can be set up at different heights.

For setting up, one trekking poleThe optional carbon fiber pole is used, but it is also possible to remove the internal pole by hanging the shelter on a tree branch.

Because the effective area is largeYou can place the tools separately on the left and right. In addition, there is a space that can be used by two people.

With a mesh, it is lightweight with an actual measurement of 450g. This model is also recommended for those who are not accustomed to floorless shelters.

Contents: Tent, staff bag, rope
Storage size: 330mm X 100mm
Weight: 450g
Color: Gray

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