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An art project by WASHIO TOMOYUKI, an artist based in Nagoya who worked on the big shutter of "LAND of OURS" on the big shutter of SimWorks office.

The sequel to the long-selling Lazy Parade has finally been released.

This work depicts a woman riding a bicycle in the two lights of day and night. Even in the same place, anyone who rides a bicycle will feel the dramatic development of dazzling light that shines dramatically into the scenery that flows depending on the time of day.

Click here for the bottle
Lazy Parade 2 DAY and NIGHT Water Bottle

The silk screen is a work in which day and night scenes live together, as if you were lost in a mysterious space-time.

Printing is done at the printing studio "Daisy Print" of Daisy Messenger in Nagoya.

4-color print
Limited to 50 sheets
Signed by serial number and artist

B3 (364 mm x 515 mm
Frame is not included. Please prepare a B3 size separately.

Lazy Parade

Washio Tomoyuki

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