SIMWORKS Froggy Stealth Seatpost


COLOR: Stealth Gray
SIZE: 350mm
OFF SET: 0mm
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SimWorks by Nitto's new seatpost has been named "Froggy" because of its frog-like appearance.

・ Reliable fixing force by tightening two
・ Two types of offset, 23 mm and 0 mm
・ Overall length of 300mm and 350mm
・ Stealth gray anodized
The role of the seatpost is to support the saddle in the proper position. Of the three points that the rider touches (handle, pedal, saddle), the saddle position is the element that is the starting point for producing powerful and efficient propulsion, so even if you are an off-road or heavy rider, you need a firm fixing force. It is an uncompromising part.

The Froggy seatpost uses a double-tightened saddle designed by Nitto for bicycle racing and has the same structure as the NJS standard product, which has a long track record. It has the ability to grab the rails very tightly and will be reliable no matter how hard the ride while also being easy to adjust.


Color: Stealth Gray
Post length: 300mm & 350mm
Material: Forged aluminum alloy
Outer diameter: φ27.2mm
Offset: 0mm & 23mm
Weight: 267g

* Carbon rails are not supported.

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