SIMWORKS BY NISSEN Heritage Outer Cable Italian for Brake --3m


Color: Black

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This is a complete reproduction of the iron (Steel) round wire type outer cable that was produced in Europe from 1950 to 1970. However, it is not just a reprint, but an inner liner that was not included at that time is included according to modern usage standards, and the pull when gripping the brake lever is much lighter. The appearance is a vintage look that can be matched to various styles, but the shifting performance is exactly the same as the modern one, so please use it with confidence.

Each color is matched many times and finished in a color as close as possible to the outer cable at that time, reproducing the vintage atmosphere to the best. It also has the suppleness that is the greatest feature of Nissen, so that suppleness will be a benefit around the steering wheel in recent years, which is becoming more difficult to handle.

In addition, considering the increase in the number of vehicles using disc brakes in recent years, the diversification of cable routing, and the use of full outerwear, we offer a total length of 3m (generally 2m in most cases). Since we do, I think that there will be almost no shortage of length.

Italian type

The Italian type is a reprint of the outer cable produced by Universal, which was mainly used in Italy in the 1950s. The feature is that the surface of the outer cable has a mesh pattern.

Length: 3m
Accessories: Brass outer cap 4pcs.

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