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It is no exaggeration to say that the Tattico Mini Pump is a water bottle sized frame pump. Although silica has a long history, this Tattico is the first portable pump that uses a hose. By placing the hose inside a reasonably designed barrel, the hose can be pulled in and out of the end of the pump. And the hose is attached to a compression gasket operated by a small aluminum lever, which enables highly efficient air injection. Of course, the gasket is compatible with both French and American valves.

1. Inverted design: Unlike most portable pumps, this Tattico has hoses and valves hidden inside the inner tube instead of the outer cylinder as in other designs. Result: Allows up to 10% or more air injection per stroke compared to pumps of similar length.

2. Adapterable cup seals: Other companies' pumps are usually sealed with O-rings. It works very slowly when the pump is cold and only starts to move when the heat builds up and the cylinder warms up. However, if it gets too hot, the O-ring seal will lose its function as much as it can. Adapterable cup seals for Tattico are designed to always change with the tube in any temperature range for maximum efficiency at all temperatures.

3. Heatsink control: A heatsink is hidden at the end of the barrel to reduce the heat generated during pumping and keep the inside of the barrel cool even at high pressures.

4. Twin Tube Insulated Handle Design: Tattico's handle uses two thin tubes separated by an insulated air gap. This prevents the steering wheel from becoming hot even when multiple tires are inflated to high pressure.


FEATURE: 6061 Aluminum barrel has a special grip
Internal piston design pursuing high efficiency
Flexible air injection using a hose compatible with French / American style
Can inject up to 100psi
Comes with a mounting bracket with a strap.
Size: Size: 24.13cm

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