SILCA Super Pista Ultimate Floor Pump


COLOR: Brushed Silver

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In 2014, Silica moved Superpista production to Indianapolis, but continued to embrace the historic Silica philosophy while restructuring new technologies, manufacturing methods and processes.

We are proud that the manufacturing methods and new materials brought about by high technology can be successfully combined with the natural materials and ideals of the old generation to create high-quality products and hand them over to the next generation. The ultimate base, created from advanced zinc die casting, weighs as much as most frame pumps out there, with elastomers designed for the feet of the finest furniture. , Three sturdy red legs provide the highest level of stability. Also, based on the experience of slipping on the base of a floor pump, this ultimate base is the thinnest pump in existence and is optimized for road cleats.

And the internal structure of the pump gauge should be likened to a self-winding watch. Precision design is done to achieve the less than 1% error required by silica, without considering the +/- 5% error that is common in the industry as an acceptable value, with an error of less than 1psi within 0-160psi, 0- At 60psi, the basic value is an error within 0.5psi. Also, due to the special mount design, the gauge can be exchanged for road and mountain in about 2 minutes. Next, the Magic Chuck Dock has a very strong neodymium magnet that holds the stainless steel chuck firmly. In addition, the chuck can be easily removed from the storage position by simply pulling it straight up without bending the hose more than necessary and without pulling it. And the ultimate hose, which can withstand up to 12,000 psi used in the brake lines of race cars and aircraft, has a chuck that supports both French and American styles, making it the ultimate hose. In addition, for pumping action, we have adopted the world's best mountain bike and motorcycle suspension technology for maximum smoothness with minimal play, which companies with names such as Fox, Orleans and Porsche I should add that it is the same material and process used.

The last and most important thing is that it is the point of contact with people, the steering wheel. It can be said that this is probably the most complicated process. The design idea was inspired by both classic steel bike rugs and the finest Japanese kitchen knives, and this ultimate handle is made of cast stainless steel, based on prototypes that have been crafted over and over again from the elaboration of the concept. Combining rugs with craftsmanship rosewood, it's no exaggeration to say that it's the ultimate ergonomically sophisticated handle with a safer and more comfortable shape, a wider width and a larger diameter. We promise that if you use this pump, you will never be able to use another company's pump.

*: A cage (RED) for 0 to 160 psi that supports high pressure is standard equipment.
Separately when using at low pressureCage for 0-60psi (YELLOW)Please purchase.


FEATURE: Complete aluminum internal structure and brass check valve (no plastic parts)
75mm (3 inch) pressure gauge with ultra-high contrast printing for improved readability
Accuracy ± 1% gauge for more accurate air pressure adjustment (usually accuracy ± 5%)
Equipped with a perfectly ergonomic 5-axis wood handle
Huge base with safe and special elastomer that fits any floor
3.5mm thick durable leather gasket. (Produced by the same factory since 1946)
Threaded to fit American valves
Finest stainless steel hose for formula cars that can withstand up to 12,000 psi
Improved SILCA's characteristic 242 gasket to make it easier to use
The magnetic dock securely stores the stainless steel chuck

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