SILCA Super Pista Floor Pump


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Silica unveiled the Super Pista for the first time during the Giro d'Italia in 1989.

It features a large wooden handle, a very long 50mm barrel, and a metal internal structure that allows it to inflate tires quickly with less effort while maintaining incredible durability. .. The Super Pista is a different dimension from other cycling accessories and has become the best and most meaningful tool for cyclists, making it a masterpiece that has dramatically changed the definition and role of floor pumps.

Twenty-seven years later, modern Superpistas take for granted the original ideals, but a key technology to re-change the perception of what floor pumps can and should do. And additional features have been added. Due to the new ergonomic wooden handle and ultimate stability, a precision gauge with 12 times larger base area and 2.5 times the original performance will once again change the standard value of riding. .. The New Superpista once again redefined the importance of pumps and was reborn to become a true Campionissimo of our time.



FEATURE: Complete aluminum internal structure and brass check valve (no plastic parts)
75mm (3 inch) pressure gauge with ultra-high contrast printing for improved readability
Accuracy ± 2% gauge for more accurate air pressure adjustment (usually accuracy ± 5%)
Equipped with a perfectly ergonomic 5-axis wood handle
Huge base with safe and special elastomer that fits any floor
3.5mm thick durable leather gasket. (Produced by the same factory since 1946)
Finished female thread thread that fits Schrader valves
Improved SILCA's characteristic 242 gasket to make it easier to use
With relief valve to facilitate pressure adjustment
Price: Price: ¥ 33,000 (excluding tax)

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