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The phrase "mini pump" was a painful word for cyclists. As one cycling journalist points out, "a mini pump is a synonym for" a small, frustrated and useless thing. "

Silica sought to end this unlucky cycling tradition with the creation of the Pocket Impero. The ergonomically perfect CNC aluminum head completed with the Impero, the brass check valve shared by the Impero and the Super Pista, and the pocket Impero formed with a 3mm thick leather gasket. It is exactly the best functional pocket pump in the world. Furthermore, Silica believes that it is not enough to combine and shrink the impero and pocket, and has added some unique technologies. The unique slide-lock silicone insulation sleeve protects your hands from the heat of pumping them to high pressure (height) (another problem with "mini" pumps), but at the end of the day it doubles as a handle lock in your pocket. Slide to. The mirror-honed internal structure provides the highest pumping efficiency and stroke count for the pocket (mini) pump.

As a result, the air filling is completed with less stroke than any other pump, and if you surprise your riding partner with this Pocket Impero, you shouldn't have a hard time choosing a partner for the weekend.


Length: Length: 20.3cm
Weight: 150gm
Pressure at 200 strokes: 89psi

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