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Silica unveiled the Super Pista for the first time during the Giro d'Italia in 1989.

It features a large wooden handle, a very long 50mm barrel, and a metal internal structure that allows it to inflate tires quickly with less effort while maintaining incredible durability. .. The Super Pista is a different dimension from other cycling accessories and has become the best and most meaningful tool for cyclists, making it a masterpiece that has dramatically changed the definition and role of floor pumps.

In 2017, we launched a limited edition pump reengineered with its iconic Molteni orange barrel to celebrate the 100-year pump business, incorporating all the qualities of the original pista. This modern orange pump was initially a limited product to celebrate the birth of silica, but with the positive market reaction and demand for that product, this new generation pista is permanent. We decided to make it part of the current silica floor pump lineup. I am pleased.

This modern pista retains its original beauty, but the internal design has been significantly improved. The pressure gauge has been updated to be much more accurate than the original. The handle has a design close to the original, but the current material is made of ash instead of bakelite. The steel barrel and piston shaft have been significantly upgraded in quality and durability.




            • Durable high-strength steel barrel 
            • Compact wood handle with hose guide
            • 3.5mm thick durable leather gasket. (Produced by the same factory since 1946)
            • Check valve made of brass (no plastic parts)
            • Finished female thread thread that fits Schrader valves
            • Accuracy ± 2% gauge for more accurate air pressure adjustment (usually accuracy ± 5%)
            • With relief valve to facilitate pressure adjustment

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