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The SILCA Phone Wallet is sized to fit the height and width of a standard jersey pocket. By designing where to fit, not what to fit, you can maximize the space in your jersey pocket and carry what you need when riding without stretching the jersey material or affecting the fit. can do.

There is a dry bag inside, and this dry bag uses a weatherproof case to protect your phone. The dry bag can store up to iPhone 7 size (160mm x 80mm x 8mm), and the main storage part can store iPhone 7+ with a case.

It is hand-sewn using SILCA's original Waxed Duck Canvas, reflective thread quilting, and weatherproof YKK zippers. The 3M® reflective tab has a magnet and includes a gimmick that wraps around the fabric in your jersey pocket to ensure safety when riding at night.


FEATURE: Designed to fit in a jersey pocket and maximize its storage capacity
Built-in waterproof dry bag compatible with iphone 6/7 (touch screen)
The main weatherproof luggage compartment is large enough to hold an iphone 6 + / 7 +
Internal pocket for storing valuables such as cash, cards and keys
The 3M Scotch Light Reflective Strap holds the jersey pocket wrapped in a magnet
Weatherproof YKK zipper
Weight: 144g

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