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Handmade chain lube exclusively for professional mechanics

One bottle can travel 10,000 miles (about 16,093 km)

It was rumored among mechanics that they had "discovered" this amazing lubricant, which was extremely smooth, quiet, and maintained the highest sustainability ever in any worst condition. Professional team is using this oil, in the rain of 7 hours, the chain a is endlessly quiet in the Grand Tour has been reported that there was a smooth, professional cyclo-cross riders from people who listened to it It was transmitted and spread all at once.

SILCA contacted NFS, and as a result of trial and error between the two, the oil was the one with the best image of both.

When passion and precision are mixed, SILCA wanted to prove that performance (sustainability and long-lived characteristics) is impeccable.

Available in oz (approx. 56g) flip-top drip bottle specifications.

* NFS-PRO is a special specification This 2oz NFS-PRO lube is worth the same as the 8-10oz of a regular competitor's traditional lube.


12-12-12 Method update

12-12-12 Method: Randomly put 12 drops of NFS-PRO into 12 links while rotating the crank 12 times in the opposite direction of the drivetrain. Wipe the outside of the chain with a towel cloth for another 12 turns. That's it!

-NFS-PRO is produced by mixing one by one by craftsmen using the tools of the American Precision Research Institute. Of course, there are cheaper lubricants in the world, but nothing beats them in the longevity, sustainability, and efficiency we are proud of.

-NFS does not contain volatile substances, toxic additives, synthetic colorants, etc. that dilute the lubricating oil to sell cheaply.

-NFS has no handling restrictions or transportation restrictions from the US Department of Transportation.

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