SILCA Nfs Leather Conditioner and Pump lubricant


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What if you had a few drops of the world's purest, lowest coefficient of friction, environmentally friendly lubricant in the barrel? That's why we developed a lubricant for all pumps, including silica pumps. Today, this red lubricant has been nicknamed "Pump Blood" by professional mechanics around the world. We recommend putting a few drops inside the pump every 6 months to 1 year. Also, don't forget to soak the silica leather gasket with this pump blood. When the inner wall is coated, it prevents the pumping force from decreasing due to the reduction of frictional force and heat, the work efficiency is surely improved, the leather gasket wear is suppressed, and the life is extended.
Pump overhaul? Why not use NFS Pump Blood to build a better pump than new?

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