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This Maratna Gear Bag is a bike bag made for those who ride or race on the weekend, but it's also a versatile bag that can be used for regular trips as well. Based on feedback from professional and amateur riders, it is designed to reduce the pain points when using the bag.
A shoe bag with vents that can be taken out from inside and outside, a dehumidifying fabric, and a water bottle holster inside that distinguishes those used after a race or ride from others. Designed to help you when you want and to make it easier to organize your bag.
In addition, the padded top flap can be fully opened and flat against the ground, making it a great place to prepare your bike. Alternatively, it also functions as a place to sit when putting on shoes.
There is more volume inside than the capacity of carry-on baggage when carrying it on an airplane, and it is designed to make the most of the carry-on size regulation, which is limited to a maximum of 10 liters. With three handles and a retractable shoulder strap, Maratna can instantly transform from a duffel bag to a backpack. The three handles allow you to grab your bag from anywhere, and the shoulder straps provide maximum comfort when you're at the airport, out in town, or moving to the next competition.
Like other silica bag products,600DMade from nylon and wax canvas fabric, the lining is made of 100D nylon in red to help you find what's inside using contrast. This fabric combination has long been used in silica and is also reliable, durable and weather resistant. The quilt stitch and silica brand with reflectors stretched around the outside create the best bag.



FEATURE: 600DNylon and wax canvas fabric / Quilt stitch with reflector
Vented storage space for storing used shoes and clothing
Storable shoulder strap.

Normal size: 55cm x 35cm x 22cm

Expanded size: 60cm x 40cm x 25cm

Maximum size that fits in the allowable baggage size of an airplane

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