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The NSX2 series is a product that does not compromise the highest quality while designing more classic. An ideal saddle for riders who require the correct equipment for their bike.

You can use it almighty for any riding style, on-road and off-road. Unlike a normal saddle, it will change from a saddle to a special shape for you in just a few days. The NSX2 series has double-laminated leather, which makes it long-lasting and ideal for long-term riding. Compared to conventional leather saddles, the saddle rail is longer, so you can adjust the position in the front-back direction widely.

Sera Anatomica, who has delivered the most comfortable saddles in the world to cyclists, has been developing this NSX2 without being bound by the tradition of leather saddles, but the most important point is that this saddle is Allen key. All can be disassembled and assembled. Sera Anatomica, which considers saddle leather to be a consumable item similar to tires, provided a leather replacement service, but this NSX2 requests replacement of saddle leather, which is time to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. You can replace it yourself without sending it to the manufacturer to do so.

The saddle leather used in NSX2 is the same watershed leather as NSX1. Traditional saddle leather is soaked in water, then molded and dried, but in the process, the leather fibers are lined up in one direction, making the saddle leather very hard and takes years to adapt. .. Watershed leather is a two-layer structure of high-quality American-made full-grain leather and top-grain leather glued to firmly support it. And it is molded with a unique press that can form dry leather. The saddle leather made in this way is flexible and supple, and will fit your butt in a few days. In addition, the main frame of this X2 is made of cast aluminum, and the saddle rail is made of stainless steel, which is 95 grams lighter than the X1 which was a steel frame and chromoly rail. And this unique modular system saddle is assembled with a 2.5mm Allen key adjustable rivet system named Chicago Screw. 

* Watershed is finished to weather resistance, but it does not have a waterproof function.
* Due to the nature of handmade products, there may be slight unevenness in the texture and color of leather for each product. Please enjoy the natural texture unique to natural leather.
* Dedicated to maintain the texture of high-quality leather and the durability of the saddle.Saddle sauceWhenWaterproof rain coverWe recommend that you use.

Main Leather: Double leather
Leather Type: WaterShed
Frame: Cast Aluminum 
Rail: Stainless steel Tube
Rivet: Aluminum custom made Chicago screw br> Weight: ~ 420g
Estimated weight limit: up to about 113 kg

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