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Sera Anatomica has delivered the most comfortable saddle to cyclists around the world for 10 years.
Headquartered in Sera Anatomica, San Diego has been proud of its aviation technology, sports industry and advanced education for 30 years. Above all, this C series is the most advanced 100% carbon saddle born from a project that has been carried out with various experts of carbon composite that has improved the progress and practicality of the industry. 

This C-series, with its aviation-grade ISO-compliant 3-layer carbon twill shining on its surface, has 45-degree bias-cut carbon that has been cleanly treated at the edges for maximum elasticity and gentle contact with the rider's skin. In the world of carbon composite, the highest quality material called "Money Ply" (money ply) is placed on all layers, and this C has a seating surface finished with the formation and hardening technology of the carbon composite industry secret. The series can be said to be the result of technological innovation.

As the name suggests, the carbon leaf spring structure of the C-SERIES provides comfort comparable to that of a leather saddle. It is ideal not only for long rides and touring but also for riders who want lightness for stoic. In addition, a saddle rail with a 3-inch adjustment range is used so that it can be adapted to various riding positions.


Type: 100% carbon
Seat: Double layer bias cut carbon fiber weave
Frame: Leaf spring frame
Rail: Carbon fiber tube
Weight: Approximately 190g
Weight limit: up to about 100 kg
Origin: Handmade in San Diego, California

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