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The S1-J riding jacket has won countless awards and has been featured in many media outlets. The reason I've been doing this without any major changes from the original original jacket is that it has been a bestseller since it first appeared in the world, but this year I lowered the collar height a little and made it a front With a longer back panel and a slight adjustment to give the forearms and chest a little extra space, you'll feel a higher level riding jacket.
This gray and black color block version has the same astute functionality as it looks. In addition, it's 100% made from C-Change fabric, which is windproof, waterproof, has a high level of breathability, and has a climate menbrain that allows air to pass through when it's hot and keeps you warm when it's cold. It is possible to regulate the level of body temperature. It is an all-weather type that is as durable as other products and can be worn even in bad weather, and can be used semi-permanently with simple maintenance.
With a sophisticated fit, four-season features, rich and beautiful coloring, and the pinnacle of waterproof zippers and components, it's an unprecedented S1-J riding jacket that will captivate all cyclists. Of course, each product is carefully made at our factory in New York.


* Scholler's C-Change has the characteristic that its moisture permeability changes according to the vapor emitted from the body. Therefore, it is warm in winter, and in the situation where the body temperature tends to rise such as early spring and early autumn, the amount of heat released is large, which provides the best performance as a cycle jacket. In addition, it has extremely high water resistance, so it can be used as a rain jacket, but since the seams are not protected, there is a possibility of moisture intrusion even if it is used for a long time in rainy weather.

Made in New York

Size: Size:
S (chest circumference 102 cm, sleeve length 82 cm, front length 55 cm, back length 69 cm)
M (chest circumference 108 cm, sleeve length 84 cm, front length 57 cm, back length 72 cm)
L (chest circumference 112 cm, sleeve length 86 cm, front length 59 cm, back length 74 cm)
XL (chest circumference 116 cm, sleeve length 87 cm, front length 62 cm, back length 76 cm)

Material: 100% polyester

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