RINGTAIL Packable Camp Pants

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Pants using the jacket fabric, which is their standard item, are now available!

RingTail, a brand launched by Sean Talkington of Team Dream and Kyle Kelly of Golden Saddle Cyclery, who have various careers in the field of bike shops and cycling apparel.

Like the jacket, the lightweight and minimalist pants have a back pocket.I'm going to put it awayAttach it to a bottle gauge, etc.ConvenientIt is a packable specification.

Of particular note is the custom Codura fabric. In addition to being a lightweight material, it has dramatically improved stretchability compared to its predecessor, so you can ride comfortably and wear it over tights or shorts on cold days.The hem is easy to wear even from the top of the shoesIt is a side zipper type.

Let's go on an adventure with useful items such as camping, bike packing, and traveling!
  • Slim fit
  • Custom Stretch Cordura
  • Logo print zipper ribbon
  • Weight: 
  • Made In California
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S 66-91 76 27
77 28
78 29
79 30

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