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"It started in the garage of a messenger company."

A messenger bag brand from JapanRESISTANT.. The source is to repair what we were using. In addition to responding to custom orders such as color, a semi-permanent warranty that repairs as much as possible. The durability and functionality of the products made by Messenger and tested by Messenger are with origami.

Because it is a pouch that can store and carry tools etc. as compactly as possibleThe minimum necessary tools for riding a bicycle,Tubes, spanners, etc.It can be put in and can fit even a relatively large amount of content.Also, since there is no boundary line as a gusset, it follows the shape of the object to be put in to some extent.
Since the opening can be expanded widely to see the contents, you can save the trouble of searching for the tool to use.By rolling it up and tightening it with a harness, there is no contact noise of the tools inside.

With a normal buckle, it will loosen if it is wound thinly, but it will not loosen because it uses an auto-lock buckle.

When it is fixed to the saddle part where vibration is constantly applied, a reliable fixing force is required, but it can be firmly fixed by the auto lock buckle and mil-spec harness.
* When using as a saddle bag, fix the buckle toward the ground.
(If the buckle is fixed so that it comes to the space between the saddle base and the rail, the buckle or saddle will be damaged if a strong load is applied to the saddle.)

The back is made of 500 denier Cordura nylon coated with thick polyurethane, so you can protect the contents from dirt such as mud splashes and water ingress.

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