RESISTANT Smart Wallet


COLOR: Multi Camo
¥5,000 ¥7,040

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A messenger bag brand from JapanRESISTANT.. The source is to repair what we were using. In addition to responding to custom orders such as color, a semi-permanent warranty that repairs as much as possible. The durability and functionality of the products made by Messenger and tested by Messenger are with origami.

The concept is "smart accounting", and we made it as small as possible as the best wallet for riding a bicycle.The size is about the same as a general key case.

First of all, "the basis of quick accounting is quick opening and closing", so we adopted a hook type instead of Velcro.The smooth touch of "kokun" instead of "snap" is unique.Among them, two brass Giboshi types with a particularly good touch are placed on the left and right.The leftmost is the coin case,Cards & business cards in the middle partition,The wallet is on the right side of the partition.

All parts have a minimum capacity. It is made to be the best when the capacity is small.The flap attached to the coin case is to prevent coins from falling.There is a plug-in card holder outside the partition, so here are the cards you often use.Rather than inserting bills, it is stored like a money clip.You can put up to 10,000 yen bills without folding them.You can also insert your receipt here.

I attached a tape so that it can be attached to a key or key chain.
* Ring is not included.

If you put a contactless IC card such as "Pasmo" or "Watermelon" on the other side of the bill, you can easily pass through the ticket gate or cash register without opening the wallet.
* Although it depends on the type of coin, it seems that you can enter up to 15 100-yen coins.

It can be opened and closed with one hand, and coins, IC cards, business cards, and 10,000 yen bills can be quickly put in and taken out without folding.

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