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"It started in the garage of a messenger company."


A messenger bag brand from JapanRESISTANT.. The source is to repair what we were using. In addition to responding to custom orders such as color, a semi-permanent warranty that repairs as much as possible. The durability and functionality of the products made by Messenger and tested by Messenger are with origami.

It is a 4WAY tote bag "EVERY" of "RESISTANT" which is one of the leading handmade bag brands in Japan.As the product name suggests, EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE specifications put the convenience of everyday use first.It is not unnecessarily increased to 4WAY, but it is designed to respond to the living environment of everyone, such as changes in movement form and situation, and you can feel the goodness of the product as you use it.

The main body is a solid No. 10 canvas that can be enjoyed over time and has no problem with water resistance if it rains a little. Since the inside is coated with vinyl, if the liquid in the contents leaks, you can simply wipe it off. Not only is the vinyl coating easier to clean, but the increased tension helps the bag itself to stand on its own, and there are no dividers or pockets inside, making it easier to put in and take out luggage than the simple construction. Durable and water resistant Cordura nylon is used for the pockets and bottom where friction is a concern, so it can be used without worrying about everyday use. Since the opening and closing of the opening and closing is a roll top, it can be adjusted according to the amount of luggage, preventing the load from collapsing and the contents from popping out.

When riding a bicycle, the removable shoulder strap allows you to carry it like a messenger bag, and for basketball enthusiasts, it fits the WALD Basket # 137, which has the most major bottom dimensions.

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