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"It started in the garage of a messenger company."

A messenger bag brand from JapanRESISTANT.. The source is to repair what we were using. In addition to responding to custom orders such as color, a semi-permanent warranty that repairs as much as possible. The durability and functionality of the products made by Messenger and tested by Messenger are with origami.

 The main outer is X-PAC Lite skin (LS21), and the inner is Cordura ripstop sill nylon.The inner Cordura ripstop sill nylon has a ripstop structure with excellent tear strength and the surface is silicone coated, so it is a very lightweight fabric with high water resistance.In addition, the sewing method is also such that each inner and outer is made into a separate bag shape, and the outer and inner are fixed so that they do not move and shift. This unique sewing method establishes high waterproofness and a sense of stability.

Imported backpacks have the blind spot that the shoulder harness does not fit the Japanese body shape (too long), so DELIGHT is designed to draw a short and compact trajectory.
It also has an adjustable shoulder stabilizer so you can get the right fit for your luggage and activity.When equipped with a stabilizer, a certain degree of rigidity is required on the body side of the bag (it depends on each manufacturer, but something like a rod or board is put in the back part) RESISTANT In the end, it ended up going around It was a board.It is lightweight, has a moderate reaction force, and is strong enough to withstand long-term use without breaking or becoming habitual.
In addition, the two-dimensional board cannot follow the three-dimensional movements of bending forward and swinging the arm even if a reaction force is obtained, so we have determined a shape that does not interfere with the movement of the trapezius muscle and latissimus dorsi muscle. The presence of the board is sensuously unnoticed without being told.

If you carry a backpack and exercise to some extent, you will definitely be worried about the stuffiness from the shoulder to your back. Especially in the hot and humid climate of Japan.
If you place the utmost importance on breathability, you can use a single mesh, but the visuals are too sporty and it is difficult to use and it is not useful for carrying heavy luggage.
If the pad is made thicker to improve comfort, the pad itself will store heat and feel hot, so we have balanced it with comfort while emphasizing breathability and heat dissipation.
Although it is difficult to see from the outside, the foam foam that is the core material has a large-diameter ventilation hole. The foam foam is intentionally selected to have a truss structure shape so that appropriate rigidity can be secured even if the meat is removed, but since the hardness is conspicuous by itself, a compressed porous filter is layered to improve cushioning. The mesh of the part that comes into contact with the skin also has a three-layer structure using a thick three-dimensional multifilament mesh. In addition, the outer fabric uses 60/40 (Rokuyon) cloth without coating, which contributes to breathability.

DELIGHT can reduce the bias and shaking of luggage by tightening the shock cord placed across the body with a line lock.It is also useful when temporarily fixing the outer shell that you took off.You can remove it if you don't need it, so you can customize your own color.

The inner fabric is made of silicone-coated ripstop cordura nylon.It's slippery, so it's comfortable to put in and take out luggage.There is an inner pocket.

[Sunglasses holder]
The black loop on the shoulder is made of a non-slip material called CSM, which is a rubberized fabric.Please use it mainly as a sunglasses holder.

The buckle that touches when opening and closing the roll top is a slide lock, so the position can be adjusted according to the winding amount of the roll top.Since it is fixed with a cam buckle type, it is hard to loosen and holds securely.



Outer: Outer: X-PAC Lite skin (LS21) Heather Black
Inner: CORDURA RIP STOP NYLON (silicone & polyurethane coated)

Capacity: 23L
Weight: 475g

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