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The German-born step-up bike "Renrad" has been attracting attention in recent years.Evolved version of running bike.. The biggest feature is that a dedicated pedal system can be installed on the body of the running bike.

As a result, children can first learn the sense of balance while enjoying "Renrad" as a running bike, and then can challenge the children's bicycle without training wheels with confidence in the familiar body. You can try a child's bicycle after learning the sense of balance with a familiar body, so the transition is smooth, no practice is required, and anyone can easily ride a bicycle.

"Renrad 12" is a 12-inch size children's bicycle. It is the best product for children's first bicycle = "first bike".


Target age

The target age of Renrad 12 "is from about 2 and a half to 3 years old (height 85 cm or more, inseam size 35 cm or more).Please choose by focusing on your physique rather than your age.


Lightweight body

RenradLightweight running bike, kids cycleis. In addition to the lightweight aluminum frame, lightweight aluminum parts are also used for the front and rear wheel rims, handlebars and stems, and front hub.


Front and rear brakes standard equipment

Renrad is equipped with front and rear brakes as standard equipment. It is equipped with a front brake (handbrake) that can be used in the run bike mode and a rear brake (coaster brake) that can be used in the kids bike mode.


High safety

Renrad is equipped with frame pads and handlebar pads as standard equipment, as well as front and rear brakes. In addition, the front and rear reflectors and the reflective material on the side of the German Schwalbe tire "Big Apple", which is highly regarded around the world for its puncture resistance and ride comfort, enhance visibility for outstanding safety. I'm proud.


Full standard equipment

Renrad is also proud of its extensive standard equipment. A bell, front and rear fenders, and kickstand are standard equipment.


* The price includes the cost of 1,500 yen sent in a special box.



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