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Color: Charcoal
Size Size: S

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Cycle jacket with dragonfly motif

The field of view of the dragonfly exceeds 270 degrees from side to side and up and down, and its remarkable time resolution captures the world like stop motion. Choose to fly for sudden diversions and hovering, and for small movements. Our new winter jacket is a cycle jacket with the dragonfly motif.

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Well-thought-out shape for biking

With a clean silhouette, a three-dimensional arm for riding a bicycle, and various functions, it is the first place to play an active part in every scene from daily use in the city to cycling on holidays.

Material with water repellency and heat retention

Since the outer material is Teflon-treated, it has water repellency and water resistance. In addition, it has excellent antifouling properties and durability, so it can be used even in a little rain or snow.
And the lining uses high-density microfleece and has excellent heat retention performance, so it provides warmth even on cold days when the cold wind cuts the body.

Long three-dimensional arm

Although the arm part is slender, it has a three-dimensional structure so that you can naturally grasp the steering wheel when riding.
In addition, the sleeves are also set to be long, so even when you are in a riding position where you reach for the steering wheel, you can firmly cover your wrists without rolling up.

The cuffs have thumb holes that allow the thumb to pass through, preventing wind from entering through the cuffs and keeping you warm.

Long back length

When you lean forward, the cold will be felt when your hips roll up. The dragonfly jacket has a long back length and is designed to fit around the waist so as not to fill the gap.

Adopt double zipper

Since the front zipper uses a double zipper that can slide from above and below, it can be adjusted so that stress is less likely to be applied to the waist and abdomen when straddling the saddle and taking a forward leaning posture. It also works effectively when exhausting the heat trapped in the garment that takes in the outside air to the fullest. In addition, the ventilation on the side efficiently dissipates the heat inside the garment.

Cleanly shaped hood

The hood has a shape that makes it easy to secure left and right vision while firmly covering the head. Also, if you squeeze the provided draw cord tightly, the wind that invades the hood will be reduced.
It also has a high collar and a clean silhouette around the neck, so it also serves as a neck warmer.

Pockets that are active in every situation

The hand warmer pocket warms your cold hands and has a left chest pocket and a back pocket that cyclists almost always want to store a variety of things in your jacket while minimizing stress when riding. It is possible.

The overall clean silhouette matches not only casual outfits, but also racer-style outfits such as bib tights.


  • Teflon processing on the front side for water repellency and stain resistance
  • Warm fleece material on the back
  • Three-dimensional and long sleeves that match the movement of the body
  • Cuffs to prevent wind intrusion
  • Compact hood that protects the head
  • Left and right back pockets
  • Double zipper


Material: Nylon 100%
Color: charcoal gray, khaki, red


  Length (rear body) cm Chest cm Waist cm Hem circumference cm Sleeve length cm
S 69 116 103 98 83
M 71 120 107 102 85
L 73 124 111 106 87
XL 75 128 115 110 89
XXL 77 132 119 114 91


Left Khaki / Height: 170cm, Weight: 60kg / S size wearing
Medium Charcoal / Height: 170cm, Weight: 63kg / M size wearing
Right Red / Height: 179cm, Weight: 67kg / L size wearing

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