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Color: Madras Check

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Everyone's, Hello!
The introduction has been delayed for a moment, but ...
This is my cap! !! !!

The Madras check made of 100% cotton, which is based on dark blue and white and accented with fine lines of red and yellow, is very cute even though it is miso in the foreground.

Even if you wear it, it's so comfortable that you'll want to take it in your hand or stand in front of the mirror to see it!

I don't think I would bother to introduce "this is ..." to someone for the cap, or for my belongings, but it's so cute that I want to introduce it to others.This is my capis.


Run Boys! Run Giris!Produce

The base is a running shop in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo that selects items related to running, especially trail running, from clothing to shoes and accessories.Run Boys! Run Giris!Is a house brand that makes it possible for them to beThis is my sports wearIs one of the lineup ofThis is my capis.


Cap that can be used at any time with excellent functionality

What's more, this cap was created based on the concept of a cap that can be used at any time, such as daily life, running, hiking, walking dogs, traveling, etc., and its shape is perfect for us biking. I am.

At first glance, it is a common 6-panel cap, but it has technical gimmicks such as a highly sweat-absorbent sweat stopper and a brim that can be freely changed in shape, and one of the features is that it can be folded into a small size and stored in a pocket.


A brim that blocks the sun and catches the wind

The brim, which is larger than the cycle cap and smaller than the baseball cap, is sometimes called a soft material, and it blocks the sunlight firmly and allows the wind to pass through moderately.

You can adjust it with the strap, and when you ride a bicycle, you can squeeze it a little tightly so that you don't have to worry about it being blown by the wind.

Run Boys! Run Giris!As a collaborative item, of course, he creates items that are active in various outdoor activities, from bags to caps.WELLDONEAtelier and shopPot, Putting illustrations and photos of various artists on T-shirts in a standing position like a record labelTACOMA FUJI RECORDSan, a craft beer bar in TokyoMikkeller TOKYOA wide variety of This is my cap has been developed across genres such as San, but this timeRALHow about with you? Of course, to the happy voice! I had you make it in one word.


Thin and highly breathable 100% cotton Madras check

Normally, it is often made of highly functional materials such as nylon, so I chose 100% cotton madras chek fabric for this RAL version, thinking that it would be a casual outfit that blends into everyday life. It is also breathable, absorbs a lot of sweat, and is reasonably dry.


Made by VELO SPICA, familiar to cyclists

In addition, this is may cap is produced in Sendagaya, Tokyo, including cycle caps, caps that are active in various scenes such as running and hiking.VELO SPICAMr. Circles also sells original caps, but it has won many fans because of its shape that fits the shape of the head and face and its excellent functionality. Of course, the addicts are also appearing in the staff.


This is my cap, a RAL version made from Madras check fabric, would be great if you could combine it with various types of clothing, such as performance wear for cycling and outdoor activities, as well as casual wear.
Personally, I like to match it with a Player Shirt.

By all means, everyone will find their own match, and this is my cap! I would be happy if someone who I don't know yet could introduce me.


100% Cotton
One size fits all, adjustable with nylon webbing strap and plastic closure

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