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COLOR: Navy / Orange / Gray
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The new Tabby Long from 2020AW is a sock-shaped sock that allows you to spend the three seasons of autumn, winter and spring more comfortably.

Based on wool that enhances heat retention, moisture absorption and deodorization performance, the durability and quick-drying performance required for outdoor activities are maximized by blending acrylic and polyester yarns, so not only cycling but also running and trekking. We will play an active part in various activities such as. Of course, its reliable functionality can be felt in daily life.

This time, the length is longer than the conventional Tabby model so that you can feel the warmth, and the toe side of the part where the color changes at the instep is pile knitted so as to cover the entire toe. We have reexamined the thickness and knitting method of the thread so that you can feel the comfort of wearing it, which is softer than ever and wraps your foot.

Of course, in order to provide excellent durability to the toes and heels, which place a heavy burden,The newly adopted polyethylene reinforcing thread is woven. in additionAs with Tabby Sport, from mother-child balls to declining birthrate ballsIt has a three-dimensional shape with consideration for improving the range of motion up to the toes, and reinforcing threads are also woven in this part as well.

It goes well with shoes as well as thong-type sandals such as BEDROCK SANDALS, and it handles sweat from the soles of your feet, so you can spend your day more comfortably. It also keeps you comfortable between your thumb and index finger, which is the most annoying thing between your fingers.


・ Tabi-shaped socks for comfortable autumn, winter, and spring seasons

・ Continue to be soft and comfortable throughout the day

・ Pile knitting is used from the toes to the heel and part of the instep.

・ Excellent comfort with acrylic, wool and polyester as the main fabric

・ High-strength polyethylene reinforcing threads are used for the toes, ball and heel.

・ Three-dimensional structure to improve the range of motion of the toes


SIZE: S (23-24.5 cm), M (25-27 cm), L (27.5-29.5 cm), XL (30-cm)
MATERIAL:Acrylic 34%, Merino Wool 23%, Polyester 23%, Cotton 11%, Nylon 3%,  Polyethylene 3%, Polyurethane 3%


Please use the laundry net when washing.
Please note that the cuffs on the ankle are loosely woven with thick threads, which may cause other laundry to get caught.
(There is no problem in use even if the thread pops out.)

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