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We always have fun in our heads.
It's for all things, from holiday riding, running and hiking, to work and casual everyday life.

I've always wanted a chambray shirt that we always want to wear, no matter what we do. I'm convinced that no shirt is as easy to use as a shirt with a collar at any given time, and as you can see from Circles' past blogs, we've been wearing shirts that seem to meet our needs. I'm going to do it, but when it comes to playing, I'm a little dissatisfied with the casual points such as the size and length of the armhole, the tension of the fabric itself, and the position of the pockets, even if it is not inconvenient in normal life. I had felt. For that reason, as a result of trial and error from last year, I tried to make a chambray shirt that I really thought about with RAL next time.RAL Player Shirt / RAL Player ShirtWas born.

The first thing I wanted from this player shirt was ease of movement. You can wear it comfortably without stress, not only when riding a bicycle, but also whatever you do. The chambray fabric selected this time is different from the stretch material that is often used these days, and it is made of 100% cotton, which emphasizes texture, comfort, and above all, durability, so the width of the body and the size of the armholes, etc. The pattern of the shirt itself, such as the fine size adjustment of the shirt, the height of the yoke, and how to take the darts, realizes all the ease of movement.

Also, the chambray, which is synonymous with work shirts, is a plain weave, which is considerably thinner than denim, but it is highly durable and can be worn hard, so I would like you to wear it lightly without hesitation in any situation. .. And, of course, by continuing to wear it, the texture of the fabric will increase, and even if it is torn, I would like you to continue wearing it while repairing it with stitches or patches like jeans. 

In addition, it is not only the fabric that deteriorates as you continue to wear it. The buttons are made of rubber, similar to those used for rugby shirts, to prevent injury in the unlikely event of damage.

It was hork, a local Aichi apparel brand, who cooperated to realize that desire.

Holk's products are made in the area of Bishu through the process from weaving to sewing by skilled craftsmen in a small factory, with the concept of "the way clothes should be for people close to us". Today, as craftsmen are aging and the textile industry is in danger of declining, we are learning techniques with young craftsmen and working on making things that will remain in posterity. We aim to be a product that enriches the hearts of everyone involved, from making things to those who actually get them. 

The brand was launched by Yoichiro Yamamoto, a former designer of COMMONO reproducts. Among the many regrettable voices, COMMONO reproducts came to an end, but it was for each member to step up to a new stage. While holk inherits the intention of COMMON Oreproducts, Mr. Yamamoto's personal color is expressed more deeply. The clothes he expresses are motifs made as tools such as workwear and sportswear, and can be worn every day and for a long time in modern life. They are exactly what we are looking for, and because we are making them in our hometown of Bishu, and because of the light footwork we gained from being alone, this time around. We came to make a product together in the form.

It started like thisRAL meets holk.. The first thing we received was the chambray shirt, which is our long-cherished desire.

It was the first place I was born when I met holk, but I am confident that I will be able to stay close to the life of the person who got it for a long time.

100% Cotton
JAPAN, Bisyu
Blue Chambray
* Will be the actual size

XS: Length 66.0 cm Shoulder width 42.0 cm Chest 105.0 cm Sleeve length 22.5 cm
S: Length 69.0 cm Shoulder width 45.0 cm Chest 109.0 cm Sleeve length 23.5 cm
M: Length 72.0 cm Shoulder width 48.0 cm Chest 113.0 cm Sleeve length 25.0 cm
L: Length 75.0 cm Shoulder width 51.0 cm Chest 117.0 cm Sleeve length 25.5 cm
XL: Length 78.0 cm Shoulder width 54.0 cm Chest 121.0 cm Sleeve length 26.6 cm

* Dimensions are the actual size when placed flat.

XS: Length 66cm Shoulder width 42.0cm Chest 105cm Sleeve length 22.5cm
S: Length 69cm Shoulder width 45.0cm Chest circumference 109cm Sleeve length 23.5cm
M: Length 72cm Shoulder width 48.0cm Chest 113cm Sleeve length 25cm
L: Length 75cm Shoulder width 51.0cm Chest circumference 117cm Sleeve length 25.5cm
XL: Length 78cm Shoulder width 54.0cm Chest circumference 121cm Sleeve length 26.6cm

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