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Things that you want to put on your sleeves every day without getting bored. Even if you don't put your sleeves through at some point, you'll want to put them through your sleeves again over time.  If you notice, there are some stocks in the closet, which are comfortable and easy to use, which will enrich your daily life. RALWare strongly wants to be that kind of thing

Last yearRAL meets hoikAs a chambray shirt and corduroy shirtholkThank you for your cooperation, but this time we are able to introduce you to a new sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts that have appeared as sportswear have become a staple of casual wear over time since their birth, and their style has been established, and I think that everyone has worn their sleeves at least once. Of course, we ourselves have become indispensable daily wear in the three seasons except summer.

thisplayer SweatshirtHowever, with the simple looks of the crew neck, you can always get it through your sleeves without hesitation, but we will add our own essence without breaking that style.

The length and sleeve length are set longer, assuming that you will be doing some big movements such as riding a bicycle or doing other exercises. I tried to prevent the sleeves and hem from running out or turning up. The width of the body is made a little wider to create a relaxed silhouette. On the contrary, by making the shoulder width and armholes a slightly refreshing pattern, it is not just loose, comfortable and easy to move, but the overall silhouette is well-balanced and it is also well-equipped as casual wear.

Of course, this player Also for sweatshirtsRALThe back pocket, which is also the icon of the wear, Left and right2It is provided. Since the frontage is equipped with a zipper, it is possible to store keys and mobile phones with confidence.

The fabric used is cotton that is slowly knitted by a hanging knitting machine that remains in Wakayama, the production center of sweat fabrics.100%Things. With its light and soft texture and high durability, this fabric is created by providing unique shrinkage without applying extra stress to the yarn when knitting. The ribs are also soft, do not tighten tightly, and are hard to loosen loosely even after wearing. I want you to wear it without considering the burden on the fabric.

Since the silhouette of the jacket is easy to put on, it is of course active from this time of year, but it also makes you want to wear it in the early warm season. The colors are gray and white2Color and sizeSMLof3It is available in sizes.

Holk's products are made in the area of Bishu through the process from weaving to sewing by skilled craftsmen in a small factory, with the concept of "the way clothes should be for people close to us". Today, as craftsmen are aging and the textile industry is in danger of declining, we are learning techniques with young craftsmen and working on making things that will remain in posterity. We aim to be a product that enriches the hearts of everyone involved, from making things to those who actually get them. 

The brand was launched by Yoichiro Yamamoto, a former designer of COMMONO reproducts. Among the many regrettable voices last year, COMMONO reproducts came to an end, but it was for each member to step up to a new stage. While holk inherits the intention of COMMON Oreproducts, Mr. Yamamoto's personal color is expressed more deeply. The clothes he expresses are motifs made as tools such as workwear and sportswear, and can be worn every day and for a long time in modern life. They are exactly what we are looking for, and because we are making them in our hometown of Bishu, and because of the light footwork we gained from being alone, this time around. We came to make a product together in the form.


100% Cotton
Gray, White
* Will be the actual size

S: Length 61.5 cm Shoulder width 44.0 cm Body width 56 cm Sleeve length 60.0 cm
M: Length 63.5 cm Shoulder width 45.0 cm Body width 58.0 cm Sleeve length 62.0 cm
L: Length 65.0 cm Shoulder width 46.0 cm Body width 60.0 cm Sleeve length 65.0 cm

S: Length 61.5cm Shoulder width 44.0cm Width 56.0cm Sleeve length 60.0cm
M: Length 63.5cm Shoulder width 45.0cm Width 58.0cm Sleeve length 62.0cm
L: Length 65.0cm Shoulder width 46.0cm Width 60.0cm Sleeve length 65.0cm

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