RAL Player Shirt Corduroy

COLOR: Dark Brown

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The wind gets colder, the sky gradually becomes clearer and bluer, and the trees in the mountains change color from green to yellow or brown. Color change in nature is also one of the factors that allows us to feel the changing seasons.
And while feeling the change, the things you wear will change in the same way. Of course, as the temperature changes as the temperature goes down, I'm starting to wear warm clothes, but I've come to prefer the colors of the seasons and the ones dyed in autumn. I will continue.

The RAL meets holk / Player Shirt was released as a shirt that we always want to wear, based on the idea that everything from work to riding and hiking is playful. We have become an indispensable shirt for everyday wear, but this time we are pleased to introduce you to the new Corduroy Player Shirt, which uses corduroy fabric. The colors are brown and camel, and it is available in two colors that naturally blend in with this season and give you a feeling of warmth.

The corduroy fabric using the thin ridges used has an appropriate thickness. Not only can you feel the warmth, but it also has the lightness to play an active part in various situations. You can wear it lightly like an outerwear on a T-shirt or cut-and-sew, and when it gets cold, you can wear it in combination with a sweatshirt or knit.

The pattern is similar to the chambray fabric model. Fine size adjustments such as width of the body and width of the armhole, height of the yoke, how to take darts, etc., the pattern of the shirt itself realizes all the ease of movement.

We are particular about the length of the sleeves so that the wrists can be hidden even when you stretch your hands forward. Also, by making the cuffs thinner, you can not only give the shirt a soft atmosphere, but also easily roll up the sleeves when it gets hot or when you do something. In addition, the buttons are made of rubber, similar to those used for rugby shirts, to prevent injuries in the unlikely event of damage.

Corduroy, which has the image of workwear and casual wear from autumn to winter, was originally used for gardeners working in courts such as France and the United Kingdom, and clothing as so-called uniforms used outdoors such as hunting by upper class people. The thing. It has both an elegant and calm look and an earthy odor. 

Of course, this Corduroy Player Shirt also has a back pocket, which is a major feature of cycle wear. Very convenient for storing items that are frequently taken in and out, such as keys and smartphones. There is also a solid depth so you don't have to worry about the stored items falling off.

This time, the apparel brand holk / Hawk, which started this spring in Aichi, cooperated with us to realize that desire.

Holk's products are made in the area of Bishu through the process from weaving to sewing by skilled craftsmen in a small factory, with the concept of "the way clothes should be for people close to us". Today, as craftsmen are aging and the textile industry is in danger of declining, we are learning techniques with young craftsmen and working on making things that will remain in posterity. We aim to be a product that enriches the hearts of everyone involved, from making things to those who actually get them. 

The brand was launched by Yoichiro Yamamoto, a former designer of COMMONO reproducts. Among the many regrettable voices last year, COMMONO reproducts came to an end, but it was for each member to step up to a new stage. While holk inherits the intention of COMMON Oreproducts, Mr. Yamamoto's personal color is expressed more deeply. The clothes he expresses are motifs made as tools such as workwear and sportswear, and can be worn every day and for a long time in modern life. They are exactly what we are looking for, and because we are making them in our hometown of Bishu, and because of the light footwork we gained from being alone, this time around. We came to make a product together in the form.


100% Cotton
JAPAN, Bisyu
Dark Brown, Camel
* Will be the actual size

S: Length 68.5 cm Shoulder width 42.5 cm Body width 51 cm Sleeve length 61 cm
M: Length 71.5 cm Shoulder width 45.5 cm Body width 53 cm Sleeve length 63 cm
L: Length 72.5 cm Shoulder width 47.5 cm Body width 54 cm Sleeve length 63.5 cm

* Dimensions are the actual size when placed flat.

S: Length 68.5cm Shoulder width 42.5cm Width 51cm Sleeve length 61cm
M: Length 71.5cm Shoulder width 45.5cm Width 53cm Sleeve length 63cm
L: Length 72.5cm Shoulder width 47.5cm Width 54cm Sleeve length 63.5cm

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