RAL EM Loader


COLOR: Black

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Born to carry special equipment that will change from everyday on-road and will be needed when going for trails and gravel, or when adventuring to uncharted terrain.EM LOADER

The basic frame bag, which attaches to the top and down tubes, consists of both a main luggage compartment and a flat pocket, and a zipper at the top makes it easy to access the bag while riding.

The main luggage compartment is also equipped with an inner loop for holding mini pumps and tool rolls, making it easy for anyone to use regardless of bike type or riding style, such as road bikes and mountain bikes. It is a design.

The logo has been redesigned and the buckle that secures the strap to the down tube has been changed. Not only is it easier to put on and take off, but it also has a stronger fixing force and is smarter.




[SIZE]38 x 5 x 15cm

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