RAL Activite

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COLOR: Brown Demi
LENS COLOR: Dark Green
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It will be a large frame with an 8-curve frame dropped into the Wellington type. "Activete ”Is a model that does not easily catch the wind and has a very wide visibility, and can be widely used from town use with everyday wear to outdoor fields such as hiking, running, and fishing as well as riding.

By using a silicone nose pad, the fit is improved, making it easy for many people to wear without worrying about the height of the nose or scrotum.

All lenses used are polarized lenses. Not only the water surface, but also the light reflected on the road surface and leaves can be suppressed to reduce the load on the eyes and clearly capture the projected object.

The Dark Smoke lens, which is easy to use in various fields, ensures a natural brightness that is not uncomfortable even in strong sunlight.

The Dark Green lens is a versatile color that can be used not only outdoors but also for town use. Based on a smoked lens that looks natural, this lens has a green color that reduces the load on the eyes.

Matt Black x Dark Green
Brown Demi x Dark Smoke
Yellow Demi x Dark Green
FRAME / Acetate
LENS / Polarized lens 
Polarization Degree / 99%
Visible Light Transmittance
・ Dark Smoke / 14%
・ Dark Green / 15%
UV Cut Ratio / Over 99%

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