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Basic seat bag for bike packing created from the practice of camping rides

The basic series of porcelain rockets is a masterpiece created through bike packing practice and trial and error.
The only difference from the custom model is that there are few choices of fabrics and colors, and the functional aspects including attention to detail are the same.
All of the basic series are sewn at an American factory that handles bags from major outdoor manufacturers.

Medium size 5 ~ 9L: TESS

Seat bags come in three sizes by capacity.
Small size 3 ~ 5L:Charlene
Medium size 5 ~ 9L: TESS
Large size 7 ~ 13L:VERA


TESS (medium size)

The Tess Seat Bag is a medium-sized seat bag made by the Porcelain Rocket. The Tess, which can store 5 to 9 liters, is ideal for light touring in the summer and weekends when touring lightly, including on and off-road. Due to its compact design, sturdy construction and easy access to luggage, this medium-sized saddle bag is becoming very popular today. We also use 500D Cordura for lightness and durability.

☆ A clearance of about 15.5 cm is required from the seat rail to the tire. In addition, the seat post must be 7.6 cm or more.

Material: 330 & 500D CORDURA NYLON
Capacity: 5 ~ 9L
Dimensions: 12.5 x 40 x 15.5cm
Color: Gray, Multi Camo, Black, Black Camo
Made in U.S.A


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