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From city commuter to adventure bikesPorcelain RocketIs a custom handmade bike pack that is practical, light and has a unique style.

Bike packing is a riding style that has been gaining momentum mainly in North America for the past few years.
Bikepacking is a backpack + bike, that is, an adventure trip by bicycle. The big difference from so-called touring is that you run in search of trails.

Porcelain Rocket creator Scott Felter is a true adventure cyclist. Born in New Orleans, southern United States, he now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, in search of a place to run.

A characteristic feature of Bikepacking is that many of them use frames, handles, and saddlebags instead of carriers for packing. They need lightness, ruggedness, and a sense of unity with the bike as they drive through the trail, packed with sleeping bags, tents, burners and even laptop PCs.


A masterpiece Mr. Fusion that greatly improves the problem of a large saddle bag that the bag goes wild from side to side when dancing etc. with the support hoop produced by Hunter Cycles.

The regular model was mainly made for mountain bikes and required more saddle protrusion and tire clearance, but this slightly smaller mini can also be equipped on smaller frames and road bikes. I will.

Normal sizeMr.Fusion V2I compared it with.


◆ Clearance required for installation

Mr.Fusion V2 (~ 14 liters) 
Seat tube-saddle rail 16cm
Tires-Saddle Rails 21cm

Mr.Fusion Mini (~ 9 liters)
Seat Tube-Saddle Rail 11cm
Tires-Saddle Rail 16cm
The mechanism other than the size is common.
A dry bag is included, but there is no problem with a commercially available one. It can be removed with a single touch, so it's convenient to take it with you when you leave your bicycle.
* For installation, the distance from the top of the seat clamp to the seat rail must be about 11 cm.
* Avoid using with carbon seatposts.


Capacity: Capacity: 9L
Seat post cramp: 27.2mm / 30.9mm / 31.6mm
Please specify the desired size.
(If there is no particular request, we will arrange with a 27.2 mm clamp.)
Price: Price: ¥ 24,000 (excluding tax)

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