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Reinventing the large capacity saddle bag

From city commuter to adventure bikesPorcelain RocketIs a custom handmade bike pack that is practical, light and has a unique style.

Bike packing has spread to Japan in the last few years.
Bikepacking is a backpack + bike, that is, an adventure trip by bicycle.
The big difference from so-called touring is that you run in search of trails. And, make it a minimum baggage and emphasize mobility.

Porcelain Rocket creator Scott Felter is a true adventure cyclist. Born in New Orleans, southern United States, he now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, in search of a place to run.

The porcelain rocket is also an originator who created a ride style called Bike packing and made and spread the tool by trial and error.

Support hoop that suppresses the shaking of luggage

A saddle bag that is being improved with feedback from bike packers around the world. The key to this is the existence of a lightweight "support hoop" that prevents the pack from going wild even when it is packed to the maximum.

This support hoop and clamp was co-developed with Hunter Cycles.

You can take out your luggage with one touch

Another major feature is that the part that is fixed to the car body and the bag that holds the luggage are separate. You can use the dry bag to make it completely waterproof, and when you leave the bicycle, you can take out and carry only the bag with one touch. If you're a bike packer, you'll appreciate this convenience.

From this version, it is compatible with both 12 liter and 15 liter size dry bags.

Let's go on a new adventure with the new Mr. Fusion!

Capacity: 12L

12LComes with a dry bag.

Seat clamp diameter: 27.2mm / 30.9mm / 31.6mm

* Avoid using with carbon seatposts.
* Usually, it is shipped with a 27.2 mm clamp attached. If you would like 30.9mm or 31.6mm, please let us know in the remarks.


Clearance required for installation

For a 12 liter dry bag

Distance between seat rail and tire: 20.3cm
Seatpost exposure: 11.4cm

For a 15 liter dry bag

Distance between seat rail and tire: 24.2cm
Seatpost exposure: 14 cm

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