PORCELAIN ROCKET Anything Cage Bag Pair

COLOR: Tropic Camo

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From city commuter to adventure bikesPorcelain RocketIs a custom handmade bike pack that is practical, light and has a unique style.

Bike packing is a riding style that has been gaining momentum mainly in North America for the past few years.
Bikepacking is a backpack + bike, that is, an adventure trip by bicycle. The big difference from so-called touring is that you run in search of trails.

Porcelain Rocket creator Scott Felter is a true adventure cyclist. Born in New Orleans, southern United States, he now lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, in search of a place to run.

A characteristic feature of Bikepacking is that many of them use frames, handles, and saddlebags instead of carriers for packing. They need lightness, ruggedness, and a sense of unity with the bike as they drive through the trail, packed with sleeping bags, tents, burners and even laptop PCs.

This bag isSALSA Anything CageA roll-top type bag made to fit the bag. It can be easily and securely fixed using Velcro and straps, and can be combined with a frame bag or saddle bag to secure loading capacity.

・ 2 pieces / set

SALSA Anything CageIs not included.

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