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Fully waterproof / roll top front bag

The concept of so-called Ultra Light (U.L.), which reduces the weight of equipment and enjoys moving quickly and easily, was born in mountain climbing and hiking, and it spread to bicycle touring.
The Porcelain Rocket product line, which has been practiced and tried and errored since the dawn of the movement, has increased followers, but it is constantly creating new ideas.

Completely waterproof products that have been seamed with the introduction of press crimping equipment are beginning to appear.

The 52Hz frame bag is completely waterproof by forming a lightweight waterproof fabric with a polyurethane coat on a supple and strong 420D cordura by crimping only.

It can be said that it has reached one ideal as a frame bag for porcelain rockets by adopting a roll top that eliminates troublesome zippers.

The light black fabric is a signature model of the porcelain rocket.
Since black absorbs heat, it is an original fabric that takes into consideration calm colors and heat reflection.

The roll top that opens and closes with two straps is very easy to use, and it is easy to put in and take out luggage.

Available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL. It is a size for MTB with large sloping.
KONA BIG HONZO size M in the photo is the size that M of 52Hz can fit in.
(For roads, CX, etc., please use a normal custom order or a universal frame bag.)

By the way, the name 52Hz has a romantic scientific origin as usual, so please try it.

Major features

  • Roll top bag with no zipper
  • Completely waterproof with all joints crimped
  • Replaceable straps are made by Voile Straps
  • Polyurethane coat 420D fabric
  • Light black is a porcelain rocket original fabric
  • Uses mil-spec velcro
  • Eliminates partitions and can load large luggage
  • Universal design for the latest MTB geometry
  • Adjustable position of Velcro on the down tube side
  • Weight 315g (M size)
  • Handmade in canada
  • Light black
  • Coyote (limited color)

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