POINT6 Hiking Tech Expedition Extra Heavy Mid Calf


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Founders Peter and Patty's Duke have been the best performance fabrics for more than 20 years since they first introduced 100% merino wool high-performance socks, which are now commonplace in the 1990s. I have continued to tell the world.

They are constantly in the pursuit of maximum performance and comfort, testing products in a variety of conditions at all locations near the Rocky Mountains steamboats. And by conducting production in the United States, we are able to perform quality control, market needs surveys, and quick response to these needs.

"Point 6" aims to keep your body temperature at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius, the average body temperature of Westerners), and the decimal point "6 degrees" is the origin of the name.

POINT6 thinks that the era of choosing socks for sports, which are daringly desired in harsh environments, is "the era of choosing only by comfort and fit". With the evolution of textile materials and the changes in the shoes themselves, socks have begun to act as gears to protect the feet. POINT6's sock theory, which proposes unprecedented comfort, supports new challenges for the next generation. 

Cushion: Extra Heavy
Expedition model with cushioning throughout.
Demonstrates comfortable performance as protection at ultra-low temperatures.

Material:70% wool, 25% nylon, 5% polyurethane

S 21-23.5 cm
M 24-26.5 cm
L 27-29.5 cm


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