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"Protecting athletes from serious accidents with all their might" 

This is
This is the mission of the new Swedish brand POC.

At the POC laboratory located on the outskirts of Stockholm, the center of Europe's best technology in many areas such as safety, medicine, insurance and performance testing.We have obtained patents for material combinations and structures, and are working hard every day to improve protection performance. 

Material researchers, industrial designers, graphic designers, neurologists, spinal cord injury researchers, and specialists in each field are conducting research from their respective perspectives to develop excellent products.

All products are repeatedly tested by top athletes to enhance protection. Athletes always challenge the field with all their might, and there are risks such as scratches, bruises, spine and brain injuries. Research and development has been carried out to eliminate these risks as much as possible, and excellent products have been produced.

In order to achieve excellent safety, quality and performance, we never compromise on profits and costs.Their motto is to do their best in product development.

OMNE AIR SPINIsA versatile road bike helmet that can be used in a variety of situations. Whether you're commuting in the morning or touring on the weekends, Omni Air SPIN makes your bike even more comfortable. A thick core protection zone and a liner designed for optimum density provide ideal protection for everyday use, and are longer due to air channels and lighter weight that apply the technology of typical Octal and Ventral models. It provides comfort and functionality even on time rides. In addition, POC's original impact mitigation system, SPIN, is also installed, and with the innovative and unique pad technology placed inside, it is transmitted from the head to the brain and cervical spine by moving the melmet to the head when falling. Minimize the impact.

  M L
size 54-59cm 56-61cm
weight 305g 350g

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