PAUL COMPONENT Quick Release Seatpost Collar [Chocolate Edition]


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Paul Components refurbished the garage, which was the former oil distribution facility for Texaco Oil until 1926 in Chico, California, in 1989, and continues to carefully manufacture bicycle parts in the garage. And Paul is making great products every day, believing that simple ideas should be combined with easy maintainability and a high level of functionality.

The first product Paul Components created in 1989 was the seatpost quick release. It's no secret that Tullio Campagnolo created the quick-release system nearly a century ago, but Paul himself, who admires him, created it as a commemorative product for the 25th anniversary over time. Is Paul's quick release skewer.

And this quick release seat color was born by dropping the quick release mechanism of the internal cam design into the seat clamp.

Old school? Is it a new school? Cheap dropper post? Or is it a convenient product? Anything is fine! 

Chocolate edition as a special color of SimWorks this yearReleased.

* It will end as soon as the quantity is not limited.



Diameters: 30.0, 31.8, 33.1, 35.0mm
Color: Color: Brown
Material: Material: 6061 Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Weight: 53g
Cam: Cam: Internal
Price: Price: ¥9000

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