PAPERSKY Water Proof Pouch --Speedo Sack

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In-flight magazine read on the ground "Travel lifestyle magazine that travels the world from Japan with the concept ofPAPERSKY.. Interested in people and the places behind them, introduce the nature, culture, people's lifestyles of various countries and cities, and the beauty of Japan as seen from the "inside" and "outside", and enrich the journey. Tells the story to do.

A waterproof pouch that can be used in any situation. A solid nylon material with a highly water repellent silicone coating and seam tape on all seams. A waterproof fastener has also been adopted to enhance the function. By using a thin and lightweight material, it can be transformed into any shape and can be easily stored in a narrow bag.
# 42 Swim IssueLimited edition items to match.

Size: Size:
S: (length) 20cm x (width) 12cm x (depth) 10cm.
M: (length) 24cm x (width) 15cm x (depth) 12cm. 

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