PAPERSKY Enamel Donkey Mug


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"In-flight magazine read on the ground"Travel lifestyle magazine that travels the world from Japan with the concept ofPAPERSKY.. Interested in people and the places behind them, introduce the nature, culture, people's lifestyles of various countries and cities, and the beauty of Japan as seen from the "inside" and "outside", and enrich the journey. Tells the story to do.

PAPERSKY WALKING CLUB original enamel cup. It is lightweight, has excellent durability, does not smell easily, and is environmentally friendly, so it is recommended for walking trips. The donkey, which takes a long time to walk a long way, is a favorite icon of PAPERSKY editor-in-chief Lucas B.B. A model commemorating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Knee High Media Japan in 1996.

* Product story"Donny Grafiks" x "PAPER SKY" original enamel cup.


size: 8cm x φ10cm
weight: 130g

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