OMM Pace Short


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British outdoor manufacturer
OMM (Original Mountain Marathon).

Many of the lineups consisting of Clothing, Packs, SleepingItems, and Accessories are highly practical, and the product lineup can be used comfortably not only for OMM racing but also for hiking, running home, and of course, for bicycles.

Pase Short is a running pants that can be used in various situations while pursuing the minimum required and simplicity.


It uses a material that absorbs sweat and dries quickly, and uses draping to maximize running performance. In addition, the inner tights are integrated to prevent crotch rubbing and thigh rubbing due to long running.

From daily training to full-scale racing, we promise to support comfortable running.


  • Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying
  • 4way stretch
  • Two gel straps
  • Stretchable mesh pocket
  • Back pocket key strap

Fabric: Stretch Poly Alimid

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