OMM Chest Pod


Color: Blue / Black
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CHEST POD is a hybrid sacoche that can be said to be a reimported version that combines a new British idea with sacoche, which is now a staple in the Japanese outdoor scene.

Large pockets without closures such as zippers, which are conscious of Sakosh's original concept of quick access at hand, can store action food, nuts, sunglasses, etc. In addition, the main pocket that opens with a double zip is equipped with a mesh pocket for storing smartphones and wallets.

Furthermore, it is possible to use a chest bag as the name suggests during strenuous exercise such as fast packing. Even when running, it is firmly fixed to the body with 4 points so it does not shake.

・ Fits all OMM packs
・ Two types of sacoche and chest bag can be used
・ Detail reflection
・ OMM GO POD ✕ 2 can be installed.

・ Weight: 90 grams
・ Capacity: 4 liters
・ Fabric 210T
・ Color Orange / Black, Blue / Black, Gray / Black

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