NITTO Specialized "Stump Jumper 85"

SIZE: 100mm

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Nitto dead stock series.
Stem for 1985 stamp jumper team model.

The Stump Jumper was the world's first mass-produced mountain bike released by Specialized in 1982 and was produced by ARAYA in Japan around this time.

Currently, ARAYA does not make frames by itself, but aside from the fact that OEMs of mountain bikes were popular in various brands in Japan at that time.At that time, Nitto was supplying cockpit parts to Specialized, but since there was a surplus, we were savage the ones that were sleeping in the warehouse inside the factory.

This stem has an outer receiving hole for the brake.
I rarely see cantilever brakes nowadays, but with them, the brakes can be applied fairly smoothly.

Of course, if you're riding a 1-inch threaded old MTB or cyclocross, you might want to try putting a cyclocross fork in your fixie or roadframe.

I think it's a good idea to use it up to that point, but somehow, this Specialized × Nitto stem has a charm that makes you want to use it somehow.

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