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Nalgene is a brand that started with the development of research equipment in 1949 and continues to be transmitted to the world from the state of New York in the United States. "Simplify people's lives while considering the natural environment." That's why Nalgene continues to make products that meet the wide range of needs and lifestyles of people who use it repeatedly, using a variety of carefully selected materials. With high-purity plastic and high airtightness, we are proposing various products for outdoor use, kitchen storage containers, travel refill containers, etc., and continue to evolve.

This container travel kit contains four small bottles and two jars in a sturdy plastic bag, making it a very convenient kit for bike touring and travel.


A sturdy and reliable storage bag.
A bottle with a lid that does not leak easily.
1oz and 4oz jars.
It is also compatible with the dishwasher and is easy to maintain.
Please note that jars are not suitable for storing liquids (use bottles to store liquids).


Material: Polypropylene
Contents: 4 bottles, 2 jars
BPA free
Corresponding temperature: -100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃


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