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Established in 1969 with the mission of "keeping all mountaineers safe in the backcountry" MSR (Mountain Safety Research) / Mountain Safety Research Makes full use of its long-standing technology and science to propose solutions to the problems faced by mountaineers by developing excellent gear. 

The first MSR tent released in 1973"Mountain tent" has been used for expeditionary mountaineering and rescue activities for many years, and the product is extremely reliable, and it is a brand that has long been familiar to mountaineers who use it under harsh conditions.

Carbon Reflex 2 is a non-self-supporting double wall tent with lightweight carbon poles. With a minimum of poles and a thin fabric, it is as lightweight as a tarp. To reduce weight, we don't even use fasteners on the flysheet, and the entrance is secured with Velcro and a small hook.

It's a minimalist design, but it doesn't sacrifice comfort. The inner tent is a micro mesh with high breathability and a feeling of openness. The floor is raised like a bathtub to eliminate dead space. If you use the optional footprint, you can set up with only the fly sheet and pole. It can be used as an extremely light shelter. Carbon Reflex 2 for 2 people is large enough to hold two mattresses side by side. It has an entrance and an anterior room on both sides.

The size when it is stowed is 43 cm x 13 cm, which is relatively compact and weighs 840 g, so it can be packed in a pannier bag, tied to the top of the carrier, or wrapped in a handlebar bag. Bike packing A friendly tent.


Capacity 2
Number of doors 2
Minimum weight
(Fly / Body / Pole)
Gross weight 990g
Floor area 2.7m²
Front room area 1.3m²
Floor volume 1217L
Anterior chamber volume 382L
Maximum indoor height 91cm
Storage size 43 x 13 cm
Independence ×
Fly material 7D Ripstop Nylon Water Pressure Resistant 1,200mm Durashield Polyurethane & Silicone Coating
Floor material 15D ripstop nylon with water pressure resistance of 1,200 mm Durashield polyurethane coating
Canopy material 10D nylon micromesh
Pole material Easton Carbon ION
Tent gear loft Cannot be installed
Guy code point 4
Country of origin Made in China
Footprint country of origin Made in China


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