MICRO SHIFT BS-A11 Road 11Speed Bar End Shifter



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Currently, Shimano Road 11-speed bar-end shifters have no choice but Dura-Ace.
Furthermore, while Dura-Ace only supports front doubles, this micro-Shift BS-A11 also supports front triples, offering customers new options.



Cassette Compatibility: 11 Speed
Front Shifting: Friction Double / Triple
Rear Shifting: Index
Bracket Material: Aluminum
Lever Material: Aluminum cold forged / anodized
Shift Cable: Stainless with Teflon coating
Weight: 140g
Compatibility: Shimano 11 Speed Road Shifters Compatible

* Please note that in general, bar end shifters can be used mainly for drop handles with a bar diameter of 23.8 mm, and cannot be attached to flat bars with a bar diameter of 22.2 mm. However, since the inner diameter of the handle that can be installed is 19 -22 mm, it may be possible to install it on some promenade mustache type handles. Make sure the inner diameter is 19-22 mm.

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