MICRO SHIFT Advent SL-M19-R 9Speed Thumb Shifter


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Taiwan's microSHIFT, which has been energetically manufacturing and selling drivetrain components such as transmissions since 1999, manufactures original components as well as OEMs for many manufacturers. Many of the lineups include good products that have been discontinued by major component manufacturers due to the passage of time, and are component manufacturers that provide the right choice for a diverse bicycle life.

As the name suggests, the newly released ADVENT makes adventure rides easier and more affordable for everyone, and 11-42T within 9th gear, which is easy for anyone to use without facing the latest gear numbers. It became an ambitious work to give a wide range and actively increase new adventurers.

Having a large gear range for an adventure ride is often useful, with a gear ratio that is appropriate and manageable from acceleration to large climbs. In addition, the gear ratio is optimized as evenly as possible, so it is a user-friendly proposal that can be used by anyone compared to the past when operating the front gear to find the correct gear.

A thumb shifter type shift lever compatible with ADVENT.


-It can be attached to the right side of the handle and uses two types of clicks: index and friction.

・ Only compatible with ADVENT shifters (not compatible with Shimano etc.)



Model No: SL-M19-R
Handlebar Type: Flat Bar
Cassette Compatibility: 9 Speed
Rear Shifting: Index / Transferable
Bracket Material: Anodized Cold Forged Aluminum
Shift Lever Material: Anodized Cold Forged Aluminum
Clamp Diameter: 22.2mm
Shift Cable: Stainless Slick
Weight: 123g
Compatibility: microSHIFT ADVENT 9 Speed Only


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