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1982LAKE was founded in Evanston, Illinois, USA as a bicycle shoe manufacturer in 1945.

As a frontier, we have sent out many excellent shoes such as the industry's first mass-produced shoes with carbon sole and shoes for each competition such as mountain and triathlon. The acquisition is now based in the Netherlands, but many of the current products feature genuine leather uppers, and the higher-end models have their own, such as thermoformed heels and color customization.1We provide services that realize your feet.

The MXZ200 winter shoes have a warmth that can withstand the harsh cold of winter, and the tongue leather upper is equipped with a waterproof membrane and 3M Thinsulate, a high-performance batting material, giving it outstanding warmth for cycling shoes. It is waterproof. 

Styled like trekking shoes with laces, more than the last of a regular lakeSince it is set to wide and high instep, you can ride without stress even with thick socks.

High gripUses Vibram sole to secure grip even in places with poor feet. SPD cleats can be attached by hollowing out a part of the sole, and while there are generally few options for winter shoes, SPD shoes that are useful in various situations such as snow riding, commuting on rainy days, long touring, etc. is.

Regarding size selectionHerePlease also refer to.

・ US5 / EU39: 24.3 --24.6cm

・ US6 / EU40: 25.0 --25.3cm

・ US7 / EU41: 25.6 --26.0cm

・ US8 / EU42: 26.3 --26.6cm

・ US9 / EU43: 27.0 --27.3cm

・ US10 / EU44: 27.6-28.0cm

・ US11 / EU45: 28.3 --28.6cm 

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