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As the name suggests, JANDD's glossary pannier bag is a convenient pannier bag for shopping (a type of bag that can be hooked on the side of a carrier).

It has the capacity to hold a shopping bag as it is, and also comes with a shoulder strap that you can carry with you on your shoulder when you remove it from the motorcycle, so it is not only useful for everyday scenes such as shopping in the city, commuting to school, etc. It can also be used for weekend day touring and camping touring.

In addition to a structure that can be hooked with a simple hook that can be attached to a relatively any rack, a bungee cord that prevents fluttering is also included. Although the mesh material is not waterproof by itself, if you store the waterproof bag in this pannier as it is, you can use it without a little rain.

Capacity: 21 L
Weight: 1030g
Material: Cordura nylon

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